Travel Medicine

Wherever you may be travelling outside of Australia, it is advised that you seek professional medical advice. It is advised to let your doctor know as soon as you know your travel plans,this will allow for the best practice of vaccinations being administered and allowing your body to build immunity. Travel health is based on each individual patient and influenced by many factors.

Some of these being:

Past Medical/Surgical History
Past Vaccination History
Length of time away
Types of accommodation
Activities that will be undertaken while away

Some vaccines are compulsory and require a certificate as proof to fulfill entry and quarantine requirements for a particular country ie. Yellow fever.  The majority of vaccinations are highly recommended due to the widespread presence of disease in that country and lack of proximity to medical care. Before departure, all travellers should be up-to-date for polio, tetanus, diphtheria and MMR vaccinations (this varies depending on age, time since last vaccination and country visited.

Other vaccinations that may be recommended include:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese B Encephalitis
Rabies Prophylaxis
Yellow Fever

Medication Letter
Once we establish what medications you plan to take with you, your doctor can give you a medication summary letter, authorising the carrying of medications for personal use.

For further information please book an appointment with our Travel GP, Dr Madeline Turnbull